Brief history of the Gulf District Garden of David Austin Roses at the ARC:


The Gulf District was host to two very successful (and profitable) ARS national conventions chaired by Marilyn Wellan, at Shreveport in 1997 and New Orleans in 2003. With these successes (and proceeds), the District voted to install a rose garden at the Gardens of the American Rose Center in our name. Because the David Austin shrub roses were emerging as a very popular group, the district elected to feature David Austin varieties in our garden. We have been very fortunate that Austin’s Michael Marriott has been interested and involved with the garden from the beginning, providing assistance with design, and all the roses to fill out the beds with 162 bushes in 2003. In 2016-2017, the garden was enlarged, beds restored, and replanted with 184 bushes of 39 varieties; again, all roses in this display garden were provided by David Austin Roses, LTD.


The garden is located in a very prominent place at the ARC, right off the rear terrace of the Klima Education & Visitor Center. It is a favorite site for brides and wedding parties, and has been a labor of love for members of the Gulf District, who have turned out in large numbers on garden workdays and “pruning parties” to help keep the garden ready for visitors.

After the timber harvest....

Newly planted Gulf District Garden before the timber harvest...

The Gulf District -David Austin Garden...

The Gulf District is proud to sponsor the David Austin Garden at the American Rose Center. This area has recently been re-planted with 184 roses earlier in 2017 and has become a magnificent garden.


Check out this great map of the recently planted Gulf District garden at the American Rose Center in Shreveport. David Austin Rose Garden.

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David Austin Roses

photos by Marilyn Wellan

Sortable Table with Garden Rose Information:

Shrub Size Key: Small 2'-4', Medium 4'-5', Large 5'-7'

VARIETY NAME Color Date Shrub Size Bed#1
Bed#2 Austin Accolades
Benjamin Britten Orange Red 2002 Small 5
Boscobel Orange Pink 2012 Small 5 Highly recommended
Carding Mill Apricot Blend 2004 Small 8 7
Charles Darwin Med Yellow 2002 Small 5
Charlotte Light Yellow 1994 Small 9 Highly recommended
Claire Austin White 2008 Medium 6 Fragrant rose collection
Constance Spry Light Pink 1961 Large 8
Crocus Rose White 2001 Small 8 Award of garden merit winner
Darcy Bussell Red Blend 2006 Small 6 Highly recommended
Eglantyne Light Pink 1994 Medium 6 3
Gertrude Jekyll Med Pink 1986 Medium 8 Fragrant rose collection
Golden Celebration Deep Yellow 1993 Medium 5 3 Award of garden merit winner
Grace Apricot Blend 2002 Small 1 Award of garden merit winner
Graham Thomas Deep Yellow 1983 Medium 4 8
Harlow Carr Med Pink 2004 Small 1
Huntington Rose Deep Pink 2006 Small 6 3
Jubilee Celebration Pink Blend 2004 Small 3 Fragrant rose collection
Lady of Shalott Orange Blend 2010 Small 5 Highly recommended
L. D. Braithwaite Dark Red 1993 Medium 3
Lichfield Angel White Blend 2006 Small 6 Award of garden merit
Maid Marion Med Pink 2011 Small 2
Mary Rose Med Pink 1983 Small 7 8
Molineux Deep Yellow 1994 Small 9 Award of garden merit
Munstead Wood Deep Red 2008 Small 1 Fragrant rose collection
Pat Austin Orange Blend 1997 Medium 9 8
Queen of Sweden Light Pink 2004 Small 8 Highly recommended
Scepter'd Isle Light Pink 1997 Small 3 Fragrant rose collection
Sophy's Rose Red Blend 1999 Small 6 3
Susan Williams-Ellis White 2011 Small 7
Tess of the d'Urbervilles Dark Red 1999 Small 2 col 6
The Alnwick Rose Pink Blend 2002 Small 8 3
The Ancient Mariner Pink 2016 Medium 7
The Dark Lady Dark Red 1994 Small 6 3
The Endeavor Orange Pink 2006 Small 8
The Lady Gardener Apricot Blend 2014 Small 4 3
The Poet's Wife Deep Yellow 2015 Small 8
Tranquility White 2014 Small 5 Highly recommended
Winchester Cathedral White 1995 Small 4
Windermere White 2006 Small 3

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