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2018 Award Winners

Allen Ownings

Consulting Rosarian

Allen Ownings

Silver Honor Metal

Allen Ownings

Master Consulting Rosarian

2017 Award Winners

Susan Burke

Consulting Rosarian

Peggy Martin

Silver Honor Metal



At the recent American Rose Society’s convention at Gettysburg, PA, Marilyn Wellan was awarded its highest award for national service to the Rose and the Society – the Gold Honor Medal. The award was presented by ARS President Pat Shanley and ARS Executive Director Laura Seabaugh.


Marilyn Wellan has been an active member of the Society since 1984, is a Life Member and Master Rosarian. She was elected national Vice President from 2000-2003, and national President from 2003-2006. She served her local Society as President, was a member of the ARS Board for 15 years, and continues to serve the Board as a Past President.


She was previously awarded her Society’s Bronze Honor Medal and the Gulf District Silver Honor Medal; she was named ‘Great Rosarian of the World’ in 2009. Her service included many innovative programs including ‘Year of the Rose,’ ‘Rose Day America’, and ‘ARS Members’ Choice Rose of the Year.’ She has held many positions in leadership on national committees and endowments, is a speaker, writer, horticulture and arrangements instructor and judge, and a certified Consulting Rosarian.


Wellan’s current area of interest is in coordinating the ‘Great Garden Restoration Project’ for the Gardens of the American Rose Center at Shreveport, La. The five-year Master Plan is underway, and is expected to be completed by 2022, the year of the Gardens’ 50th Anniversary in Shreveport, and the 130th Anniversary of the Society’s founding.


Wellan designed her own garden of over 200 roses at Alexandria, La where she resides with her husband of 40 years, Myron Wellan.

2016 Award Winners

Flo Hover - Consulting Rosarian

B.J. Abshire - Outstanding Judge

Frank Hover - Silver Honor Metal

Gulf District Awards History

2018 Allen Owings Not Awarded Allen Owings
2017 Susan Burke Not Awarded Peggy Martin
2016 Flora Hover BJ Abshire Frank Hover
2015 Lou Osburn Not Awarded Linda Aguzin
2014 Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded
2013 Julie Engert Flora Hover Clyde and Marie Bartlett
2012 Robert Powell Linda Aguzin Not Awarded
2011 Frank Hover Frank Hover Not Awarded
2010 Not Awarded Clyde and Marie Bartlett Karen Constant
2009 Clyde Bartlett Earl and Rita Hudgins Lara Calamari
2008 Dr. Don Edgerton Not Awarded James Mills
2007 Werner Essig Not Awarded Judy Mayo
2006 Dr. Tim Calamari Alvin Hobbs Dr. Don Edgerton
2005 Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded
2004 Barbara Walley Dr. Thomas Davis Flora Hover
2003 Frances Falcon Laura Calamari J.T. Smith
2002 Frank David Bennett Charlotte Haring Not Awarded
2001 Madge Mayo Peter A. Haring Dr. Tim Calamari
2000 Carolyn DeRouen Marilyn Wellan Not Awarded
1999 J.T. Smith Dr. Harold B. Hayden Marilyn Wellan
1998 Judith Mayo Dr. Bill Nettles Dr. Thomas Davis
1997 Dr. Thomas Davis Dr. Tim Calamari John Tudor
1996 Earl and Rita Hudgins William & Evelyn Wicht Dr. Bill Nettles
1995 Larry Wootan Ida Hayden Not Awarded
1994 Edward Sanchez Estelle Drevar Charlotte Haring
1993 John Tudor Claudius & Madge Mayo Not Awarded
1992 William and Evelyn Wicht Judith Mayo Wendy Jones
1991 Dan and Dell Scholz Allen Martin A. T. (Buddy) Harrelson
1990 Jim Brown Wendy Jones Not Awarded
1989 Marilyn Wellan W. James (Jim) Miller Peter A. Haring
1988 Roy McCullough Howard Berry Madge Mayo
1987 Mrs. Rhoda Verret Mrs. Georgia Scoggins Claudius Mayo
1986 A.T. (Buddy) Harrelson Not Awarded Howard Berry
1985 Ernie Kleinschmidt Not Awarded William Wicht
1984 Benson E. King Elaine Eure Laura McClelland
1983 Mrs. Bobbye Blakeney Betty Johnson Dr. Harold Hayden
1982 Claudius Mayo Dorothy Little Not Awarded
1981 Barbara Kirkland Clifford Brandt Not Awarded
1980 Not Awarded Not Awarded Ida Hayden
1979 Not Awarded Not Awarded W.M. (Barney) Barnthouse
1978 Not Awarded Dr. A.G. Viskell Not Awarded
1977 Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded
1976 Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded
1975 Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded
1974 William D. Wicht Not Awarded Not Awarded
1973 Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded
1972 Ernest Jones Not Awarded Not Awarded
1971 Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded
1970 W.M. (Barney) Barnthouse Not Awarded Not Awarded
1969 Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded
1968 Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded
1967 Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded
1966 J.D. Cook Not Awarded Col. F.R. Worthington
1965 Mrs. Ruben R. Smith Not Awarded Not Awarded
1964 Joseph P. Nufer Not Awarded Not Awarded
1963 Not Awarded Not Awarded Mrs. H. Farris Crisler
1962 Dr. A.G. Viskell Not Awarded Laura Jones White
1961 Alvin P. Lichtentag Not Awarded Not Awarded
1960 Mrs. H.F. Crisler Not Awarded AIvin P. Lichtentag
*Consulting Rosarian Award first awarded by Gulf District in 1978. **Silver Medal Awards began in 1956. First awarded by Gulf District in 1960.

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